Success Story Interview

Bob: Alright, hey Davy? Come on and sit down for a second.

(Closeup of Mike as Davy approaches, off-camera)

Mike (after watching Davy for a minute): ...What were you doin' runnin' across the stage?

Davy: Well I thought... uh, well... I just-- tell you the truth-- (bashfully hides face in jacket while sitting down) I went to the baffroom. (Micky laughs)

(Mike begins embarassed deep breath as Davy leans against him)

Bob: Davy?

Davy: What?

Bob: Waitaminute fellas, there's a good chance that this show may be shown in England.

Davy (interested): Yeah?

Bob: Yeah.

Davy (playing with necklace): Whe- whe-- Since when?

Bob: I don't know when it will be shown there but uh, you know uh-- can you--

Peter: 1973...

Bob: Is there--

(Davy puts necklace medallion to eye, pretending it is a monacle)

Davy (very proper): Well, ah, in my opinion... (Peter laughs) Yeah, oh my father'll love that.

Bob: What does he do?

Davy: Um, he's a layabout. (laughter)

Bob: Whatta you mean he's a "layabout"?

Davy (laughing): He lives off my money! No. No. Uh, no, I just, I just ah, he doesn't do anything. He's been very ill, you know? Sick.

Bob: A few weeks ago, ah, when we, ah, just before we started the shoot you went back home. Right?

Davy: Yeah, I went ah--

Bob: --Well-- tell me what that was like, you know, seeing your family and all.

Davy (smiling): Oh, man, the-- that was the funniest-- you couldn't believe it. I went home, and my sister and her boyfriend were waitin' for me at the airport. And I came--

Bob: Where is this? Where is this?

Davy (bit impatient): In Manchester.

Bob: Okay.

Davy: ...And I came down to the ah... the r-- you know the ramp from the plane. And my hair was on my shoulders.

Bob: Right.

Davy: You think it's long now--

Bob: Right.

Davy: --It was on my shoulders.

Bob: Right.

Davy: And I could hear my sister talking and she says, ah, "That's him..." (Bob laughs) "...No that's, that's a girl. No that's a girl," you see. And I have a baby face, so they thought I was a girl. (laughter) I came up and she says (Davy makes surprised noises, smiling)

Micky (mocking, off-camera): Nice hairdo!!

Davy (smiling): Lis-- Listen to Dolenz-kid over there! Well. Anyway--

Micky: I wanna try this, folks-- (comes on camera and sits next to Davy) I'll do my impression of Davy Jones. (turns around to prep himself)

Bob: Now-- I just wanna ask this-- Stay-- stay--

Micky (finger in mouth): Ga ga goo goo goo...

[CUT to closeup of Davy]

Davy: On the plane they were saying, "After you, miss."

Bob (laughs): Right. And you were kicking them.

Davy: No, I was saying, "Thank you very much Sir." (laughter)

Peter (smiling): Whooo!

Bob: Did you see your--your--your, your father at all?

Davy: I went home to the house with my sister.

Bob: Yeah.

Davy: And they went in first...

Bob: Right.

Davy: ...and I knocked on the door.

Bob: Right.

Davy: And he says, "Hello?" I said (smiling), "Ya-- David. (claps once) I've come from America." He said, "You're not my son." (Bob laughs) I sez, "What? I've come three thousand miles!" 'E says, "Go an' get your hair cut." I sez, "Come on you must be joking." So I went 'round to get my hair cut and I had it short. A little shorter than it is now. He sent me back again to get it cut before he let me in the house. So I fixed him this time. I bought him a house; now he can't turn me away! (laughs)

Bob (laughs): Right. You put it in your name or his name?

Davy (pointing to himself): My name! (laughter)

Bob: Good. So wait hey-- Hey Micky--

Micky (looking into camera): That's another little funny episode --

Bob: Mick--?

Micky: --in the life of Davy Jones. Tune in next week, ladies and gentlemen, when we're another minute short--

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