Everywhere A Sheik, Sheik Interview

Bob: Hey mans, welcome back.

Davy: Thank you, Mr. Raefelson.

Bob: Welcome back home. New year.

Peter: Are we doing that?

Mike: Are we rolling?

Peter: Are we rolling?

Bob: Yeah, you're on, babe.

cut to Peter (holding Take Meter): "--34 - 1 - 35!" (pretends to smash fingers)

cut to Micky (shooting imaginary machine gun): Soul brother!

cut to Davy: My sister had another baby--

cut to Mike: I had all the windows in my cars painted black--

cut to Peter: Hi, America! Hi, Televisionland.

cut to Micky

Bob: Micky, do-- so you think of--

Micky: I really hate these interviews, man.

(Bob laughs.)

Bob: What are you wearing, man?

Micky: A tablecloth.

Mike: Carpet.

(Micky shakes head at Mike.)

Bob: It's been a couple months since we've all seen ya, and you've changed.

(Micky leans over and Mike whispers in his ear.)

Peter: He's wearing an earring.

Micky: This is a carpet from Davy Jones's dining room.

(Peter laughs.)

Davy: That's Mike's line.

(Mike waves in victory to camera.)

Peter: Mike's line, Mike's line.

Mike: Thanks...

Bob: And how 'bout your hair? Where'd you get that from?

Micky: Uh, I just let it grow.

Bob: Peter, what have you got around your neck there?

Peter: Beads.

Bob: Yeah, but what are they strung from?

Peter: Well... (looking at beads) Uh, this one is, uh, strung-- (pretends to hang himself)

(Micky laughs.)

Bob: Davy? Did you get to see your family this summer?

Davy: Yeah, I saw my father, my sisters...

Bob: I wanna know--

Mike: Did you know--

Bob: What?

Mike: Did you know that a chick mailed herself to Davy? Davy didn't--

Bob: Oh! Yeah! What happened about that one?

Davy: Some, some young lady came up with the bright idea of mailing herself to us--

Mike: And it ruined her arm... (makes postage machine noises)

(Micky cracks up.)

Davy: And she put herself in a big box, put herself in a box this big, and sent herself up and put photographs on it. And we opened it and this young lady popped out.

Bob: What happened to her?

Peter: Popped her back in again.

We shipped her to the Beatles (Micky continues to laugh.)

Davy: We shipped her to the Beatles.

cut to Micky: I really hate these interviews.

Mike: We'll do an interview together. You and me. Here we go. (clears throat) ...Well uh... t- tell me, Mick... uh, where did you g--.. uh--

Micky: I really hate these interviews, Mike.

Mike: --get your hair? ...Oh.

cut to Peter: "--35..." (pinches fingers) Oww!

cut to (Monkees get up and leave, Davy dancing and snapping fingers.)

Bob: Welcome back, everybody.

Davy (singing): "--some, everyone..."

Mike: It's because we walk so funny...

(Micky laughs...)

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