The Monkee's Paw Interview

Peter: The hippy movement is dead. It was buried in San Francisco and has been replaced by free men.

Mike: Now that's Peter's movement. He's got six people, so far.

Peter: Yeah. We're gonna form a country...

Micky: We all have our own little movements. (laughs)

Peter: ...called Belgravia.

Mike: Yeah. ...I have a movement...

Bob: But what about all these, these people who are still walking around with beads and long hair and flowers? They're not hippies anymore?

Davy: I have beads...

Peter: No. They're free people.

Davy: ...I'm not a hippy. Charlie bought me these.

Bob: What's the difference between--

Peter: Ya are too a hippy!

Mike: I don't have beads and I am not either, see...

Peter (to Davy): Ya are too!

Someone off-camera: Mike's a hippy?

Peter (to Davy): You wear those beads, you're a hippy!

Mike (aside, to someone off-camera): No I'm not a hippy.

Davy (rolling eyes): Oh yeah.

Peter: You got long hair, you're a hippy.

Davy (raising hands): Don't hit me with a stick, please.

Peter: It was done because um, of the bad publicity that the hippy movement has been getting. Now it's clear that, ah, every time that, ah, you know, ah the hippies come up with something really vital and intelligent and interesting, ah the establishment will take it over, ah put down the people that originated it, and ah, you know all these psychedelic things that you see--

Davy: Yeah--

Peter: --the, the very psychedelic ads--

Davy: They say, they say, "Turn on with... 'this'..."

Peter: To "[CUCKOO!]" ..."Turn on." (makes a face)

Davy: Now what is this "turn on"? They're takin' over, you know--

Peter: Yeah, that's right.

Davy: --the hippy, the hippy sayings.

Mike: Whatta they know from "turn on", huh?

Peter: So ah...

Davy: Do they think they're being hip?

Peter: ...The hippies are ah, the hippies are gonna invent new words, and, uh...

Sad note: This was the last original interview segment of The Monkees' TV series.

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