The Monkees In Manhattan Interview

Bob: You've reached a certain amount of success. If that were suddenly, like, taken away-- wiped out-- where would you be today?

Peter: I'd go back to the Village and be a folk singer.

Bob: How 'bout you, Davy?

Davy: I'd go back to the Village and watch him be a folk singer.

Bob: Mike?

Mike: I'd probably go burn the village. (laughter)

Micky: I'd probably be dating my science teacher.

Bob: Hey, Peter, is there something that you'd really want, uh, that you'd really flip out over?

Peter: Yes.

Bob: What?

Peter: Texas.

Bob: Davy?

Davy (laughing): Ursula Andress.

Bob: Who?

Davy: Ursula Andress. No, a jet. Y'know those little jets?

Bob: Yeah.

Davy: 'Cause Mike can fly it.

Mike: Well, ah, I wouldn't really buy anything like that, y'know. I mean, there's no-- the things that money can buy, I can almost buy, I suppose-- Uh, thanks, Dave. The only thing that you can, uh... We've all got what we want, man.

Bob: Mick?

Micky: What?

Bob: Yeah, what, babe?

Micky: What would I buy?

Bob: Yeah.

Micky: Well, I kinda look at it-- I--

Peter: If-if-if you could buy something that money couldn't buy, what would you buy?

Micky: Yeah.

Mike: Which is weird.

Micky: If I, if I could-- if I was gonna buy something, I kinda look at it the opposite way around. I figure when, when you have enough money, then, then you don't need all the, all the material stuff around ya. I'd like to, I'd like to buy--

Mike: Sure you do.

Micky: --big city blocks of buildings and plant orange groves.

Mike: Hey, I gotta tell you of a very freaky idea--

Bob: What?

Mike: --that, a local, uh, guys-- uh, a local gang-- gang of guys is propogating now.

Bob: What's that?

Mike: And that is digging things that are ugly. Y'know? The Hearts and Flowers do that, you see-- that's a group-- and, uh, they say that in order to dig things, uh, that are pretty takes no special talent. What it really takes a talent to do is dig something ugly.

Bob: Like what?

Mike: Well, I don't know. You dig something like a garage door, y'know. I mean, how many people say "OH! Look at that garage door," y'know? I mean, you get a lot of this stuff: "Oh, what beautiful azaleas." That doesn't--

Bob: Does that apply to, uh, people, too?

Mike: Well, it applies to you a lot, Bob.

Bob (laughing): Thanks, baby.


Davy: I think I--

Mike: I think we oughta go on a National Monkees Love Something Ugly This Week.

Davy: Yeah. Man you better watch out for these guys.

Mike: You are not. I'm uglier than you.

Davy: You are not. I'm the ugliest.

Mike: I'm the ugliest! It's me, it's me, it's me!

Micky: All right! I lose!

(Peter sneezes)

Davy: Wait, Keever-- come here a minute. C'mere. C'mere. Wait, man. Wait, man.

Peter: (to Keever, blocking his shot) Will you get out of my key, please?

Davy: Just fixin' your face up, man.

Keever (laughing): Okay, alright.

Davy: There you go. Okay. Go on, man. You're okay now. Where's your glasses, man? Oh--

Keever: Okay, alright.

Davy: --wait, wait. Okay. (turns to camera) I'd like you all to know that this is Keever. Now Keever's our make-up man, man. He's the greatest guy in the world. Well--

Bob: Does he make-- What does he do for you?

Peter: He makes up.

Davy: He makes up, man.

Bob: Hey, Keever--

Peter: If we have a fight, he makes up.

Davy: If we have a fight--

Bob: Wait a minute. Wait, let me ask you something--

Keever: Uh, yes?

Bob: --really, while the boys are there. Is it difficult working with these guys?

Keever: No, I, I, I like 'em very much, so uh it's not difficult. I'm a father.

Davy: (grabs Keever's shirt) Say something better than that, Keever! (Davy hugs him.)

Bob: Mike, this afternoon we had lunch--

Peter: (off camera) Hi, Bob.

Bob: --and you said the one thing you really wanted was a house. And I want to know why that's so important to you to have your own house. (laughter) No, I mean I don't know why.

Mike: Why do I want a house?

Bob: Yeah. Why?

Mike: Why do you like that shirt, Bob? "...Why do you want a house?" To keep the wind off of me. (laughter, Mike looks around in disbelief) It's unbel-iev-able! (laughs) ...Why do I want a house? (sighs in amusement) Well, when it rains, you get wet if you live in a parking lot.


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