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Bob: Hey fellas, uh, we do a lot of pictures that have fights in it, 'n' uh, gangsters and everything. Do you ever get into fights yourselves?

Davy: There-- we had an incident in Hawaii where somebody, uh, remarked about my hair.

Bob: 'Bout your what?

Davy: My hair. Being long, you know?

Bob: Yeah.

Davy: And, there was like ten big guys (laughing) and little ol' me.

Bob: Are you sensitive about that?

Davy: Um, I'm not sensitive i-- you know if it's, like, you know, in jest, somebody laughs and says, you know, just one thing. (Micky laughs) But if they carry on about it, it makes me mad.

Bob: If you went into a restaurant uh, they, you know, refused to wait on you cos of your hair or something like that, you know, are you quick to strike back?

Peter: I invoke my constitutional rights.

Bob (laughing): An' what do you do-- you leave.

Peter: No, I go-- I invoke the Civil Rights Act.

The Monkees, Find The Monkees Bob: There's been a lot of talk about the riots that have been goin' on on Sunset Strip.

Peter: There was a riot. You know, there was a lot of vandalism.

Micky: There haven't really been riots. They've been, ac-- in actuality, since I, since I was there, they've been demonstrations. And uh, but I guess, pe-- a lot of people and journalists don't know how to spell "demonstration"--

Bob: What are they demo-- what are they demonstrating?

Micky: --so they use the word "riot" cause it only has four letters.

Bob: First tell me a little bit, what, quickly, what are the demonstrations and who's taking place in them?

Mike: Well, it's mostly the kids, um, that are, uh, from the ages from around fifteen to I'd say twenty, or twenty-one. Uh, under eighteen it's a California law that ah, you're not able to go into a teenage night club, uh that sells, uh alcoholic beverage. There's a ten o'clock curfew imposed on these young people, that, uh, uh, regardless of whether it's, uh a good thing or a bad thing, uh they still don't like it. I think it probably has a lot to do with the fact that uh, uh, of somebody tellin' them they have to be in by ten o'clock. Um, that's sorta the same thing as sayin' that they have to cut their hair. You know, I mean, it's, it's against the law to tell somebody they can do that, which puzzles me.

Bob: Would you like to see all the kids in the country wearing hair like yours?

Mike: I would like to see all the kids in the country wearing their hair like they'd like to wear it.

Bob: How do you fellas, how Micky, how do you feel about that?

Micky: Exactly. Exactly.

Peter: I'm with you! I'm with you!

Micky: And when it first happened there was a few comments made, one by the Sheriff of Los Angeles. He said that the curfew should be abolished. He says take the baby-sitting job out of the hands of the police, put it in the hands of the parents. If the parents think their kids can be out after ten they should be out.

Peter: Most everybody that was there says that the vandalism was caused by kids in their very late, like, eighteen, nineteen, twenty and twenty-one, like that age kid. The only people representing the kids are the kids themselves...

Micky: Ah-- but they're not there!

Peter: ...and nobody listens to kids talking for kids because kids are only kids, you know, and they go through this vicious cycle, authority does. I'm being very general because I don't wanna like call names or anything.

Davy: The reason I haven't spoken all this time is because that it doesn't matter what I say; nobody'll listen to me because I'm under twenty-one. (Micky laughs) So I'm just keeping my mouth shut.

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