Fairy Tale Interview

Davy: We're talking about him dressing up in, in the uh, princess show, as-- as the-- the--

Micky: Princess?

Davy: No, as the queen. The, uh, the mother image. (laughs)

Mike: Yeah, as opposed to the father image, right?

Davy: Right.

Mike: I'm twenty-four years old and still just as spry as a chicken.

Micky (stage-whisper): Everybody pan!

Peter (pointing to Mike): They already got him.

Bert: What do you think Christian's reaction is gonna be?

Micky: (acts like a baby) Ga goo gi ga.

Davy: Same as a Jew, I should suppose.

(Peter laughs. Micky falls over sideways; Davy grabs him and hauls him upright.)

Bert: What's your son's reaction gonna be?

Davy: 'Scuse me. I'm sorry.

Micky: That didn't make any sense at all!

Davy: 'Course it did. He says what would a Christian's reaction be--

Micky (sudden realization): Oh ho-ho! Oh-ho!

Davy: Same as a Jew's.

Bert: Let me ask you-- how did you feel about dressing up as a princess and the hair and the whole thing?

Mike: Well, I fail to recognize that I really did that, y'know.

Davy: Why, Michael?

(Peter laughs)

Mike: Yeah, I refuse to accept that fact.

(Micky laughs)

Davy: I played Gretel. Very-- uh-- what's the word?

Peter: "Gretel" I think, is the word for it.

Davy: Very Gretel.

Peter: Very Gretel indeed.

Davy: Right.

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