The Monkes At The Movies Interview

[Closeup of Davy]

Davy: I got a letter this morning from my father, telling me about what happened after I left. My brother-in-law, who's a policeman,--

Bob: Your brother-in-law's a what?

Davy: A policeman. A cop, you know?

Bob: Yeah. Right.

Davy: When-- it-- You know the Monkees sweatshirts we have?

Bob: Oh, ye...the...

Davy: With all the patterns and all the thing--

Bob: Yeah.

Davy: --like saying, you know, "Monkees" 'n' ehh... Anyway. It was size forty-two. You can imagine how big he is. You know, he's like six foot two, and he's like, he weighs 280 pounds and he's big. He put his sweatshirt on, and a Monkee hat, which looked like a peanut on his head--

Bob: Are you, did you give it to'm as a gift or something--

Davy: Yeah...

Bob: --as a joke?

Davy: ...for a giggle, cos he alway-- he's an artist also. And on the way home, going thru a little town, a village-- they live about 60 miles from my father-- they saw a guy breaking into a store. And he pulled up the car, and he's got his little sweatshirt on and the hat, [Bob laughs] and he goes in and he arrests the guy, right? True story, I swear. He calls the station from the ah, store, and like four police cars come and they think this guy's some kinda nut! They don't believe him, you know...

Bob: Right.

Davy: ...that he's cop. [laughs]

Bob: [laughs] Right.

Davy (smiling): He's got this Monkees sweatshirt on. I thought it was pretty funny--

[Cut to all four sitting on stairs.]

Mike: You know what I've always wanted to do?

Bob: What?

Mike: Was get a Rolls Royce...

Bob: Yeah.

[Slow zoom to Mike]
Mike: ...and put little-bitty tires on the front, and big slicks on the back, and put a pick-up bed in the trunk, and old paint you know, and stuff like that... [laughter] Take the hood off of it and everything--

Bob: And drive where?

Mike: Paint a name on the back of it...

Bob: And drive where?

Mike (to Peter): Why a Rolls Royce?

Bob: And drive where?

Micky: Put a pair of bongos in the back.

Mike: And drive where-- Drive noplace. Drive out on the freeway and give it a flat tire and stand there, scratch yer head... [scratches his head, laughter]

[Cut to wide shot of all four]

Bob: Can I talk to you seriously about the concerts?

Non-Monkee, off camera #1: Yeah.

Non-Monkee, off camera #2: We knew Beatles--

Bob: And your reactions when people say you don't play your own instruments, and don't go...?

Micky: Don't talk about it.

Davy: I don't really think there's any reason to talk about that because that's the mo-- you know, it's ridiculous. Now you know how many-- we just finished twelve cities. If we don't play our own instruments we're in big trouble.

Mike: Yeah I gotta tell ya, I was standing at a place we were playing. We were backstage and it's like two minutes before we're s'posed to go on. And this guy walks up to me, he's got a, he's a reporter you know, like that, anyway. I'm standing with my guitar over my back... He walks up to me and says, "Is it true that you don't play your own instruments?" I said, "Wait a minute! I'm fixin' to walk out there in front of fifteen thousand people, man. If I don't play my own instruments I'm in a lotta trouble!" Enh, I dunno. Why even talk about it. It's ridiculous. No. It's not true.

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