Alias Micky Dolenz Interview

Bob: Hey, Davy!

Davy: What?

Bob: You, uh, you were gone altogether from this episode. You weren't in it. Where were you?

Davy: "Alias Micky Dolenz"?

Bob: Yeah.

Davy: Uh, I went to England to, um, I went to England for my sister's wedding, actually, and I, um...I missed it. I was two days too soon.

Bob: You miss England a lot?

Davy: Um, yeah, I do. I miss England, but we're gonna, y'know; I...I was only home two months ago. I'm going home again for a couple of days, so if I can keep doing that...

Off-Camera Voice: Peter!

Davy: That was Petah. That's, ah...y'know, I don't get homesick. I've been traveling for six and a half years now. Since I was fourteen.

Bob: Hey, Davy, tell me more about the pressure that builds up at the end of a day.

Davy: Well, everybody's tired, and they get irritable, y'know, and everybody starts getting mad, and y'know, everybody wants to go home, man. (Tears up paper, jumps to feet and kicks stairs in mock-anger) It's a drag sitting here talking to you!

Bob (laughing): Okay, babe!

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